Inspire, motivate and develop today’s youth to be tomorrow’s American infrastructure leaders, skilled workforce and innovators — creating both workforce and business opportunities — that build and sustain a world-class, 21st century infrastructure that will improve outcomes for all Americans.  Pay special attention to attracting and including historically underutilized youth.


  • “People-readiness” is a well-documented “high risk” workforce challenge facing all of the critical lifeline infrastructure sectors, i.e., large numbers of retirements, loss of institutional knowledge, ongoing and emerging skills gaps, rapid deployment of new technologies.
  • The representation of minorities and women continues to seriously lag behind.  It is a serious systemic problem and loss.
  • “People-readiness” directly impacts infrastructure safety, reliability,  overall performance and productivity.


  • ADVOCATE and achieve broad-based public support to invest in “people-readiness” at all levels.
  • PARTNERSHIPS – build upon, expand and leverage – be smart.
  • SHARE current experience, results and “local stories”; research, good and best practices, lessons learned.  Avoid duplication.

IYAII + will

Accomplish its mission by partnering to establish a powerful professional network and exchange forum, i.e., local and national business, labor, government, education, community-based leaders, practitioners and philanthropic organizations.

  • Modernize and energize the image of “infrastructure” careers across the critical lifeline sectors – energy/electricity, telecommunications, transportation and water.
  • Promote excellence and inclusivity in educational preparation; share current experience, research, lessons learned, and best practices.
  • Partner to expand youth awareness and interest in the broad range of “infrastructure” careers and business opportunities.
  • Actively engage youth in “hands on” career and business exposure and learning opportunities, i.e., facility tours, Career Days, mentoring, job shadowing, internships.
  • Build important life success skills and values that produce productive, self-sufficient, caring and engaged family members and citizens.

Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure+

“We need to invest in a 21st century workforce to build and sustain world-class, twenty-first century infrastructure.”

Turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s American infrastructure leaders, skilled workforce and innovators

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