People and Communities Matter.

Transforming Lives and Communities Through Infrastructure Investment.

Beverly Scott Associates, LLC is an infrastructure sector practice committed to advancing equity, inclusion, “shared prosperity” and, healthy and sustainable outcomes for historically underutilized groups and high needs communities through smart reinvestment in American infrastructure.

The practice focuses in the following areas:


ADVOCACY and CIVIC ENGAGEMENT for public policies, practices and investments that deliver a “triple bottom line” — high quality infrastructure, good jobs and business opportunities – with inclusivity for traditionally underutilized groups.


People-readiness” at all levels directly impacts infrastructure safety, reliability, overall performance and productivity. We must invest in a 21st century workforce to build and sustain a world class, twenty-first century infrastructure.


Investment in smart, equitable, resilient infrastructure is key to achieving healthy and sustainable outcomes for people and communities. Serious community engagement, education, advocacy and action are important to achieving change.

The need for urgent action is clear
Continuation along our current path is a prescription for failure

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Dr. Scott serves in an Advisory capacity to the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard University Law School in the areas of transportation, infrastructure and equity.


Our nation’s critical infrastructure is crumbling. New investments in smart, sustainable, resilient infrastructure are desperately needed across the United States – a fact that has been more than well-documented and reported. Notwithstanding, bit by bit, we are losing our American focus on quality; and, with it, our overall standard of living and global competitive position.

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