“IAMAW’s” Tanya Hutchins Interviews “Dr. Bev” on ACTIVATE about “Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure +”

“Dr. Bev” joins Tanya Hutchins, Communications Representative, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to talk about “Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure+” – iyai+ — a national non-profit dedicated to inspiring, educating, and engaging today’s youth to become tomorrow’s American infrastructure leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and skilled workforce. (

“People-readiness” is a high-risk challenge facing our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors.   We need laser-focus on “best-in-class” infrastructure and technical education; workforce and youth entrepreneurship training, and skills development – including the arts and life success skills.

(View the PowerPoint: (!ArF9Q3XlqtRQhtx0CBNlVj26auyPIw )

People of color, women, and our most vulnerable youth continue to be significantly under-represented in employment and business opportunities across the critical infrastructure sectors.

Unlocking this potential is part of the solution to improving outcomes for ALL Americans and advancing American competitiveness.



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