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CA State Treasurer Appoints IYAI+ Founder, Bev Scott to High Speed Rail Authority Peer Review Group

The California High Speed Rail Authority is responsible for planning, designing, building, and operating the first high-speed rail in the nation. When it is completed, it will run from San Francisco to the Los Angeles basin in under three hours, at speeds capable of exceeding 200 miles per hour.

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“IAMAW’s” Tanya Hutchins Interviews “Dr. Bev” on ACTIVATE about “Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure +”

“Dr. Bev” joins Tanya Hutchins, Communications Representative, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to talk about “Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure+” – iyai+ — a national non-profit dedicated to inspiring, educating, and engaging today’s youth to become tomorrow’s American infrastructure leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and skilled workforce. (

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Scott Joins PolicyLink’s Anita Cozart for Jobs To Move America Interview and Podcast on Women and Transportation

Jobs To Move America (JMA) is a national nonprofit research, strategy, and advocacy center committed to harnessing government procurement to achieve equity, promote environmental sustainability, further open democratic government, and to achieve an inclusive, diverse workforce that lifts people into middle-class jobs.  The promotion of clean vehicle technologies and green jobs is a major JMA initiative.

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HA O KE KAI:  2019 Hawai’i Climate Conference (Scott Keynote: “Climate Change & Equity”)

Hosted by the Hawai’i Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, discussions at the 2019 Conference are intended to help further educate and actively engage the general public in the State’s call to action to address the effects of global warming and climate change.  (;

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Climate Nexus Profile

DESCRIPTION:  Black Leaders Working for a Government for the People (Nexus Media, February 20, 2019)

Dr. Beverly Scott part of a series by Nexus Media for Black History Month on “Black scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs who are tackling the greatest problems of our time.”

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Santa Clara County CSW Annual Women’s Equality Day Pictures

CLICK HERE to view the pictures from the 2017 Annual Women’s Equality Day Luncheon.

For more information about the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, you can visit their WEBSITE.

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Transitioning Through Life: Dr. Scott’s Professional Prescription

Check out Beverly Scott’s profile in this month’s edition of Diversity Professional.

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We have both an infrastructure and an inequality crisis in our country.  For “America to be great again”, we need to urgently attack both problems.  For starters, national infrastructure investment cannot be self-regulating; or, simply left to the open market.  It must be strategically leveraged in the public interest; and intentionally directed to achieve shared prosperity and equitable outcomes for all Americans.

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Unfinished Business: The Importance of Human Resources to National Transit Asset Management Program Development and Transit Safety Performance

The following article was authored by Beverly A. Scott, Ph.D., a Mineta Transportation Institute Research Associate.

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Safeguarding Our Most Valuable Asset – The Public Transportation Workforce

Failure to address human capital assets risky for safety and performance 

San Jose, CA – November 14, 2016 – Human resources represent the largest ongoing expenditure for public transit agencies, yet transit asset management plans routinely ignore this critical issue. The Mineta Transportation Institute’s latest Transit Perspective, a regular series from thought leaders in the transportation community, looks at the importance of human resources to National Transit Asset Management Program development and transit safety performance. Perspective-author, MTI Research Associate Dr. Beverly Scott, argues that the common practice of a singular focus on physical assets to the exclusion of human and other factors is, at best, a partial approach. Scott, a distinguished leader in transportation workforce development, penned the MTI perspective: Unfinished Business: The Importance of Human Resources to National Transit Asset Management Program Development and Transit Safety Performance.

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