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DESCRIPTION:  Black Leaders Working for a Government for the People (Nexus Media, February 20, 2019)

Dr. Beverly Scott part of a series by Nexus Media for Black History Month on “Black scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs who are tackling the greatest problems of our time.”

The list is out!

Scott on “Equity”, “Environmental Justice” and “Sustainability”.

The time is long overdue for us to move beyond “equality of opportunity” to “equality of results”!

“On many levels, there has been progress over the past generation.  At the same time, we need not fool ourselves.  WEstill have a long way to go.   And, there is absolutely no question that race, ethnicity, and gender inequality remain our biggest Achilles Heel.

Virtually, everywhere across the globe, WEare experiencing increasing income inequality levels resulting in staggering unaffordability.  And, societal game changers resulting from global warming and climate change, and speed of light technological transformation – that demand a beyond business as usual timing and response.

And, it is critical that we anchor our work from the outset in these critical areas with an equity lens.

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